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Aviation GPS
Aviation GPS is one of the most known GPS opportunities since this system is now used on both commercial and private planes. In fact, the opportunities continue to grow, providing pilots with not just another tool for flying but a tool that offers higher levels of safety as well.

To give you an idea of what is on the market today for aviation, consider the Lowrance AirMap 500 GPS. This is actually a powerful and versatile hand-held GPS that provides quality performance in a lightweight design. With this GPS, you receive precision for air as well as land and sea navigation. Some of the features of this particular model include:
  • Just 7.6 ounces in weight

  • Provides a built-in WAAS, which provides enhanced positioning and accuracy

  • This GPS uses the Multi-Media Card (MMC) or the Secure Digital (SC) card, both offering the highest degree of versatility

  • Features a large three-inch diagonal Film SuperTwist display screen that is enhanced with 240 x 180-pixel resolution and it has a 16-level gray scale screen that produces a crystal clear picture

  • With the split screen feature, you can view two different maps at once

  • You will also enjoy the custom mapmaking ability that comes with MapCreate PC software and hardware so you can make your own surface mapping

  • The Jeppesen Americas and Lowrance Obstructions databases are also included all on one 32 MB MMC card, a cigarette lighter adapter, RAM mount yoke bracket, wrist strap, and even a remote antenna
Another option is the Lowrance AirMap 1000 GPS. This too is top quality and features one of the best AirMap qualities for value, versatility, and reliability, all things that every pilot should be concerned about when buying GPS. A few of the features include:
  • Five-inch diagonal Film SuperTwist display screen with 320 x 320-pixel resolution and 16-level gray scale screen

  • Both the MMC and SD cards

  • Split screen for viewing two maps at once

  • Customized mapmaking that includes both software and hardware

  • Battery life indicator, satellite visibility chart

  • Up to 99 savable and retraceable track log/plot trails

  • As many as 10,000 points per trail

  • Compass page

  • HIS display, and more
One other aviation GPS that you should look into is the AvMap EKPIIIC Color GPS that is truly a leader in large-screen moving map systems. With this system, you will enjoy the airspace arrival alarm, auto zoom feature, projected course line, checklists, vertical navigation, fuel and wind calculations, and much more!

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