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With GPS (Global Positioning System), not only can you use this system for practical reasons, as you will learn but also, for some fun purposes. This system involves 24 space satellites that send signals down to Earth to receivers. These signals can tell a person where they have been, where they are going, and how to get there. Never at any time in history has such a phenomenon existed. GPS has saved thousands of lives and millions of dollars for businesses.

Practical Purposes
  • If you park your car at the shopping mall or to hike your favorite trail and loose track of where you parked, the GPS system will safely lead you back to your car

  • The GPS can be used to plan trips to precise latitude and longitude coordinates and help you determine arrival times to a tee

  • If your car were stolen, the GPS can help police find it

  • If boating and someone falls overboard, you can immediately mark the spot and go back to find the person

  • If on the ocean, you can tell exactly where you are should your boat instruments stop working

  • You can detect submerged items or shallow water when boating so you avoid crashing

  • Combining the GPS with walkie –talkies can be passed out to friends hiking together so everyone can stay in touch and find each other should someone wander away from the group

  • GPS can find locations in sand, snow, or the dark

  • Favorite hunting/fishing spots can be marked to hunt year after year

  • Businesses can use GPS on delivery trucks or over-the-road trucks to determine if the driver is making personal errands during work time, resting longer than allowed, or driving over the speed limit

  • If you were to have a car accident and your car go off the road and be hidden by brush or a valley, the police can find you
Fun or Personal Purposes
  • During road trips with the kids, they can watch your actual moves in real time, every turn and stop

  • You can show the cops how fast you were traveling when he or she insists you were speeding

  • Your speedometer can be calibrated

  • Some GPS units will actually tell you the time that the sun will rise and set each day

  • The GPS is perfect for amateur surveying fun

  • You can use the GPS to find the altitude of your house

  • A miniature GPS can be attached to your pet’s collar so you be entertained the next morning, as you watch their journeys throughout the night

  • For golfers, they can use the GPS to determine the distance to the next pin

  • Some GPS are designed with games

  • A GPS could be hidden in your spouses car or clothing to see if they are actually working late, as stated night after night

  • The GPS can be used for walking or jogging to determine the speed of the exercise and to mark newfound locations

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