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GPS Vehicle Tracking
GPS vehicle tracking is by far the most amazing technology offered today. Whether for personal vehicles, fleet, trains, buses, or route or other service trucks, GPS has changed the way work and pleasure is performed. By using GPS, you will save time, effort, and even money.

For example, if you are trying to meet a friend for lunch in a new area of town, rather than waste precious time from your lunch hour, the GPS can get you there and back with precision. For the business owner, if you are concerned about some employees not getting to the job on time or spending too much personal time while away from the office, the GPS can track every move so you know exactly where the driver is going and where he or she has been.

To give you an idea of what is available for vehicle tracking, consider this one example. The GPS-Web is the only tracking system on the market currently that does not require an antenna pointing up toward the sky. Instead, the GPS-Stealth antenna is hidden as much as 28 inches, positioned under the vehicle. Best of all, using this method, you lose no more than 10% of the efficiency, which is what happens when you use traditional antennas.

The portable GPS-Web is also quick and easy to install under the vehicle, generally taking less than one minute. Once the GPS is in position, you can follow the driver in real time by using the map on the website. Another benefit of this system is that you can store and view up to 120 days of data, should there ever be a dispute.

Vehicle GPS tracking systems are very popular with law enforcement agencies, private investigators, rescue professionals, employers with trucks or cars on the road such as pizza delivery, floral delivery, etc., fleet operators, and even concerned parents and spouses.

Other features of this particular GPS tracking system include:
  • Long battery life In fact, the GPS-Web has the longest battery life of all systems, offering 14 months of time, which will accommodate 48 hours of driving time before recharging is necessary. Extra battery packs can be purchased and switched out in the middle of a run if required.

  • Low operating costs After buying the unit for around $2,500, you can use the GPS-Web with unlimited use for just $44 per month. Best of all, you are not required to sign any contracts or pay any administrative or activation fees. That means you are paying for the months you use and nothing more. Additionally, if your drivers travel cross-country, you pay no roaming fees.

  • Largest coverage area This system has the capability of working in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, wherever towers are established. This system also works in areas of the city and most of the outskirts without having to change the system configuration.

  • No downloading Locations that are real time and historical data can be displayed on maps or street address reports that can be accessed from any computer no matter what part of the world you happen to be in. You do not require any software or hardware download, simply a connection to the internet. The information requested is provided in as little as four seconds.

  • No registration The system comes ready to install and use. This means you do not have to mess with configuration or registration.

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