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Do you love spending time out on the water? If so, one of the best investments you can make is the marine GPS. This will help you arrive to your destination safely, track where you have been, and return to your original destination without incident. The GPSMAP 76S is one of the newest marine GPS tracking system options on the market today. The “S” in 76S refers to “sensors” since this system has a GPS receiver, electronic compass, bearing and elevation information, and barometric altimeter incorporated.

Additionally, the 76S also comes with a base map of both North and South America that provides important information on thoroughfares, highways, lakes, rivers, and borders. Additionally, you will find that with 24 MB of memory for downloading the MapSource data, there is no need to be concerned you will run out. This GPS tracking system is waterproof and it floats. Another benefit is that the screen is large and easy to read, the buttons are bigger, and the design has a nice, rugged look. This particular GPS averages in price around $440.

Another top contender is the Garmin GPS 12XL. This system was designed with one thing in mind – performance. You will enjoy incredible features such as fast satellite acquisition, tight satellite lock, an extremely reliable receiver, 106 map datums and 7 grid formats, as well as the option to define your own map parameters. You can store up to 500 waypoints or if you prefer, add 20 new routs. The waypoint features are truly amazing, providing you with advanced warning for nearby hazards.

The GPS 12XL comes in a rugged case and uses an ergonomic rocker keypad so it can be handled and operated with just one hand. The operating system itself is easy to use and all you need is four AA for 24 hours of use. Additionally, this unit can be fitted with extra features such as a mounting bracket and external antenna.

The GPS V is a tracking system that offers the ultimate in versatility. With this system, you will find automatic routing, WAAS capability, and detailed mapping. Best of all, this GPS is hand-held. MapSource is provided as a bonus to give you that street-level detail for maps that breaks directions down to specific locations for hotels, restaurants, rental car companies, and so on. This GPS runs about $415.

The GPS 76 also offers the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) and comes with features a built-in quad helix antenna that ensures the reception is excellent. You will also benefit from the position accuracy that measures to less than three meters when the WAAS connections are used.

The internal memory for this GPS is 1 MB and comes preloaded with cities around the world, featuring those that have populations of 200,000 and more. Additionally, you will enjoy the navigation aids such as day beacons, buoys, sounds, and lights. Points of interest are also downloaded and the display screen is extra large for easy viewing. This GPS is quite affordable at $228.

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