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Auto GPS
If you were worried about safety when driving, that can change with an auto GPS tracking system. This system will provide you with map capability so you will know how to get where you need to be, where you have been, and how to return. Additionally, the GPS tracking system can actually be used to save lives. If you should be in a car accident, the police or rescue professionals can track you down within feet. Although there are many different options available, if you are interested in GPS for your car or truck, you might consider the following options:
  • Alpine NVE-N852A This system provides outstanding navigation to find your way. All you have to do is download an 8.5-gigabyte DVD-Rom where you will find more than six million points of interest that includes restaurants, businesses, airports, and ATMs. To obtain the information on any of these places, you simply enter the business phone number, the business name, or an address and in return, you will receive directions that provide you guidance turn-by-turn.

  • Other features include 12-channel GPS receiver, built-ion gyro sensor, and speed sensor input, capability to monitor output, voice guidance, and storage for as many as 99 personal addresses, immediate route calculation, wireless remote control, and more.

  • Garmin StreetPilot 2610 This option is excellent, and easy and quick to install. You will receive a dashboard mount so you can place the GPS where you can reach it quickly. The bracket is swivel mounted and no wiring is needed. All you have to do is plug it into your cigarette lighter and you are set. Simply choose your destination using the remote control or touch screen and you will receive voice prompts and turn-by-turn directions. The display is bright and in color, and the system comes with built-in maps, points of interest, and the data can be transferred using a USB port and 128 MB memory card that is included.

  • You can use this GPS tracking system to calculate how far you have traveled and your average/maximum speeds. The patch antenna is built in, the case is rugged, and the entire system can withstand temperatures ranging from five to 158 degrees. Other features include navigation warnings, microprocessor, preloaded with Americas Autoroute base map, 12-channel receiver that tracks and uses as many as 12 satellites to update and compute your position, storage of as many as 500 waypoints and 2,000 track log points, etc.

  • Kenwood KNA-DV3100 This expert service will provide everything you need. This system includes a navigation computer that comes with a DVD-Rom drive, GPS antenna, and DVD-Rom map disc for coverage in the United States and Canada, and a speaker. All you need to do is put the DVD-Rom in the drive, enter your preferred destination, and then follow the visual and voice instructions.
The destinations include cities, streets, addresses, intersections, and points of interest. Additionally, you can save as many as 100 locations of your choice. Searching can be done by latitude and longitude, phone number, or if needed, you can search by emergency locations such as fire station, police department, hospital, etc. Other features include split screen viewing, system alerts, recalculation, estimated remaining travel time, antenna with 16-foot cable, 2 and 3-D maps, DVD-Rom with more than 10,000 million points of interest, memory that will store up to 20 recent trips, four color settings, female voice with prompts in eight languages, and so on.

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact