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Bluetooth GPS
Bluetooth is one maker of the GPS tracking system that has made its mark in technology. For example, using Bluetooth, you do not need to use an external antenna since the system itself has one built in. Keep in mind that there could be scenarios when an added external antenna would be beneficial.

If you use the CF GPS with a laptop, there are some brands that product EMI, which blocks or reduces the signals received by the GPS receiver. In this case, an external antenna would be helpful to help bypass the interference problem. Another example would be using GPS with the Toshiba e740 laptop. This particular computer has what is called a Wi-Fi component that also interferes with signals. Bluetooth recommends that you extend the GPS away from PDA as a way of eliminating the problem.

When it comes choosing between Bluetooth’s regular CF GPS or the Precision Plus, there are advantages and disadvantages of both. For example, with the regular CF GPS, you will enjoy features such as Quicker TTFF (Time to First Fix), less sensitivity, and no delay. However, for the Precision Plus GPS, you gain more sensitivity and accuracy but there is a small delay. Typically, Bluetooth recommends consumers by the regular GPS for people that have open sky where they will be using the GPS. On the other hand, if you live in cities such as New York with lots of tall buildings, the Precision Plus with its more powerful signal would be the better choice.

Another consideration for Bluetooth is WAAS versus EGNOS. The difference is that WAAS are satellites that have been specially designed to help improve GPS accuracy while EGNOS is the European equivalency of the WAAS option. When using WAAS, the precision of the GPS is improved by as much as five meters. Keep in mind that when it comes to WAAS, there are only two satellites. Additionally, this system is not always available in all areas so in this case, Bluetooth recommends turning WAAS off so the TIFF is better.

With Bluetooth, you can also purchase the Palm OS or Pocket PC and there is no need to install a driver. All you do is install the software, plug in the CF GPS or the mouse to the port and you are ready to go. The software will automatically detect the GPS hardware so you do not even have to worry about that. The only exception in this case is the Toshiba e740 or e330, as well as Casio e200. For these laptops, the driver will need to be installed or the CD downloaded.

You will find that Bluetooth is not just a leader in the world of technology but also a leader in performance. The new generation mouse GPS is designed using the SiRF II LP chipset so performance variations are minimal. You will find that the Bluetooth has numerous features, with just a few that include dual mode, external display, and data logger. Bluetooth continues to make new advances that will surely benefit both commercial and residential users of GPS.

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact