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One of the most popular applications for GPS is with the automobile. This Global Positioning System can be used for personal drivers, NASCAR drivers, over-the-road truckers, delivery or route drivers, and so on. Regardless of what type of car is being used, the GPS can provide security and safety, convenience, can save money, and is fun to use.

The Magellan 750M GPS is a popular choice. With this GPS, you will receive a turn-by-turn feature that will help you arrive at your destination with accuracy and by listening to a voice prompt. This system can be moved from one automobile to another easily and helps give you a sense of security if you are driving in an unknown area or new city.

Although this particular GPS is a little higher priced than some of the other options you definitely get what you pay for with this system. You know without a doubt that you will get top of the line service and support. Other features include:
  • Automatic rout calculation without the use of a computer

  • Can tell you the location of all the racetracks in your area and how to get to them

  • This system will automatically recalculate whenever you choose a route different from the one recommended by the system

  • Voice prompts are given that provide turn-by-turn instructions

  • Has an exit service directory to tell you what is located off the next off-ramp

  • Features a large screen display with adjustable brightness

  • The installation is easy and the device can be moved from one vehicle to another

  • Perfect for emergencies in that the police or medical professionals can use the instant location finder option
For NASCAR fans, no longer do you have to guess how to get to a racetrack. The GPS, regardless of where you want to go will show you how to find new and old tracks. All you have to do is plug the unit in, put the antenna up, and then in a minute, you will be provided with turn-by-turn directions to the next racetrack.

Other uses in the automotive sector that a GPS can help with include:
  • The basic navigation system will help you stay on course within one to two blocks of your destination

  • Fleet management companies heavily rely on GPS. For instance, commercial trucks, buses, taxicabs, rental cars, and so on, can track the movement of these vehicles, which ensures work is being done and vehicles not being stolen

  • For the delivery service industry, company owners can check the movement in real time showing if the drivers are not following the business route, taking long stops, or making personal errands on business time

  • The aviation industry also benefits from GPS in that the safety of the pilots and customers are better

  • Fishing/hunting enforcement also has advantages in using GPS to help provider greater coverage than what officials can get with the DGPS network. The GPS provides commercial fisherman repeatable accuracy over an unlimited area.
Other automobiles in various industries that can benefit from GPS include:
  • Highway/Waterway Maintenance

  • Department of Transportation

  • Emergency Response (Fire, Police, Ambulance, E911, Search and Rescue, Roadside Assistance, and Emergency Preparedness

  • Mineral and Resource Exploration

  • Resource Management

  • Wildlife Tracking

  • Recreation to include hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, and boating

  • Space, which covers Satellite Data Processing, Satellite Tracking, Future Space Station Operations

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact