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GPS - Garmin
There are many makers of GPS with Garmin being the leader as well as a leader in consumer electronics. The great aspect of Garmin is that they serve the consumer and aviation market. Typically, Garmin GPS is used for driving, hiking, flying, boating, and other similar activities.

Garmin International, Inc. is connected with Garmin LTD, which is a company responsible for designing, manufacturing, and marketing communication and navigation equipment for consumers and the aviation market. The most popular applications for Garmin GPS products include wireless, automotive, aviation, OEM, recreation, and marine. The focus of Garmin is to provide advantages for distributors, suppliers, employees, and all customers, regardless of industry or use. While GPS offers benefits that can save money through quality and operation, the safety aspect of the GPS is what attracts many customers.

A few engineers gathered in 1989 with the idea of a system that could be used for both tracking and logging positioning. This idea grew into what we know now as GPS, or Global Positioning System. Initially, a handheld GPS was used to support various coalition forces fighting in the Gulf War. However, Garmin was not happy with just this application and moved forward to options that are more diverse.

Today, Garmin is responsible for create an extensive product line that is found all around the globe. In fact, millions of GPS receivers have been built and sold. That success and interest continues to grow because Garmin still strives to produce products that customers want and need.

Garmin serves a number of different markets all over the world. The commitment, customer support, and innovative mind-set are what keep the customers coming. With the GPS offered by Garmin, you are guaranteed that every product is the highest quality, that you are receiving the greatest value, and that the service will always be superior.

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact