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GPS - Hunting
When GPS satellites were first set in outer space, the focus was more on technical and commercial use. However, over the last several years, GPS has now been broadened to cover just about anything, including hunting. With this navigation and tracking system, more and more hunters are coming home with the prized game – safely.

For instance, often hunters will build duck blind or find a special location that seems to prove successful year after year. Rather than “hope” you find those spots again for future hunts, you can mark their location using your GPS and return to that great hunting spot without fail.

With the GPS, you can use the topographical maps so all of your planning is done in an efficient and accurate manner. For example, using the map you can see potential deer funnels where ridges meet or perhaps where a river butts up to a bluff. Knowing this information allows you to mark the latitude and longitude coordinates and then check out that specific spot.

Sometimes, as you walk along the area where you are hunting, you will come upon evidence that deer have recently been through there. For example, you might see buck scrapes, beds, or feeds. Using the GPS, you can mark each of these areas and actually build a database using codes (“S” for scrapes, “B” for beds, “F” for feeds, or whatever you prefer).

Once you are home, all of this information can be recorded into a special computer program. You can then study this information to determine patterns of where the deer are coming from, what they are doing, and where they are heading. This then tells you the exact spots where you need to hunt to find the most and best deer.

GPS is also an excellent tool for safety purposes. Since hunting deer requires walking in dense places that are usually located far from the truck, the GPS can help you find your way back to safety without a problem. This eliminates the need to hunt for old trails or tracks that might be washed away in bad weather. With the GPS, you can navigate your way to safety. You can also use the GPS for getting back to your base camp if you are every separated from the other people in your hunting group. Finally, heaven forbid but if there should ever be an accident where medical help is required immediately, the GPS can help rescue teams find your exact location.

For hunters, it is so easy to become preoccupied with the hunt and forget about paying attention to where you have been or are going. The great aspect of GPS is that you can use this system along with a two-way radio to communicate your location to other hunters. This is especially beneficial when the sun goes down. Rather than depend on a flashlight and a tired memory, you can use the backlit GPS and reach your destination quickly and safely.

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