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GPS - Software
One of the benefits of GPS is that you can now find all types of software that will help you find just about any location you want. These software packages contain various types of maps that can be downloaded. The following are a few recommendations:

Magellan MapSend Streets Magellan GPS Software MapSend Streets & Destinations for the United States can be downloaded to your computer using Magellan Meridian, SporTrak, MAP 330 series hand-held receivers.

You will be amazed at the map detailing that includes lakes, rivers, streets, cities, airports, amusement parks, golf courses, sightseeing, wineries, sport stadiums, museums, archery and firearm ranges, tourist attractions, zoos, campgrounds, hunt and fishing spots, aquariums, and other types of locations. Additionally, you get to choose the region that you are interested in as well as the level of detailing. You will have the option of updating the map regions or overwriting them altogether.

Magellan MapSend Topo Magellan GPS Software With this software, you can maximize the use of your receiver using the Magellan MapSend Topo for the U.S. Maps can be downloaded using the Meridian and MAP 330 series of GPS.

These maps include lakes, rivers, coastlines, streets, and recreational locations in the U.S. Additionally, you will be able to create routes of your choice and then download them into your GPS to use with your computer or while in the field. With the search function, you can find street addresses, trails, lakes, cities, parks, waterways, and more quickly.

Garmin MapSource MetroGuide This software comes as a CD-Rom and includes information for street and road maps in the U.S. You can also transfer routs and waypoints or use the tracking option between your GPS unit and your computer. Maps, business listings, addresses, and points of interest can be loaded into your Garmin GPS unit.

You will be able to locate banks, gas stations, restaurants, tourist attractions, parks, and more. If you prefer, the GPS can be4 used to research streets or points of interest so you can navigate them using the built in on-screen guidance feature.

Garmin MapSource Topo USA This GPS software is similar to the U.S. Geological Survey 1:100,000 scale topographic paper maps that you can find. Using this software, you can transfer routes or waypoints, and track between just about all Garmin map-compatible GPS units and your computer.

Additionally, hiking trails, roads, highways, snowmobile trails, summit elevations, contours, churches, schools, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streams, dams, boat ramps, campgrounds, swimming areas, ski resorts, fuel locations, and the list goes on.

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