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GPS - Watch
Most people have heard that GPS has made some tremendous strides, but what would you think if you a wristwatch with GPS were developed? The truth is, they have and the results are huge! While the prototype needs some tweaking, the GPS capability in watches is now better than ever! This original GPS was called the Pathfinder Satellite. Now the Pathfinder Satellite NAVI offers a design that is even more compact that comes with a rechargeable battery and is even water resistance.

Designed with a multi-windowing option, you have quick and easy access to data and can link to your PC, which allows you to check point data on your computer. With the new Pathfinder Satellite NAVI, you can enjoy the rechargeable battery in addition to the convenient compact design. This watch comes with a battery that can be recharged using a standard AC outlet at home or work or if you prefer, you can use six AAA batteries. By the manufacturing changing the battery design, the overall watch now has a sleek design that makes it look great on anyone’s wrist. Other features to enjoy include:
  • Current Time Correction – The Auto Time correction when activated means that the current time wherever you are is corrected automatically, based on information received from the satellite data. This occurs each time you go through a positioning measurement with your GPS

  • 50-Meter Water Resistance – Another great feature of the new design is that the water resistance ability is now extended to 50 meters, meaning you can go out in the rain or snow without stressing over ruining your GPS watch.

  • Current Position – The measurements for your position is actually obtained from three to 12 satellites. This data includes both latitude and longitude. Using readouts to plot your position on a map or using a Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), you can find your current location in minutes.

  • Altimeter – This features measures data from four plus satellites, which then produces data in three-dimensional that covers latitude and longitude. Additionally, the data is stored for you so you do not have to remember details.

  • Navigation Screen – The screen is impressive, allowing you to see your current position in accordance to your destination. You will also have the option of registering as many as 10 different navigation positions. Additionally, this new design features an Arrival Alarm that goes off as soon as you get close to your destination.

  • Memory – You will have the choice of two different types of memory. The first is called Landmark Memory, which will let you store as many as 200 landmarks for future travel. The second option is called Auto Track Memory, which stores up to 400 separate sets of measured data that you can pull up later.
These features are just a few of the incredible things you will enjoy with your watch GPS.

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact