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Handheld GPS
Hand-held GPS units have become very popular for a number of reasons. First, they are small and easy to manage and two, because they are small, they can be used for many different purposes. For example, if you and a group of friends are planning a camping trip, each person can carry a hand-held GPS and should one person become lost, they can find their way back to camp or others can find them. This is just one example of the advantages. Below are some of the recommendations for the hand-help units:
  • Garmin eTrex Summit This particular GPS unit is non-mapping. The features that are a part of this GPS receiver are very popular with sailors, pilots, and hikers. The units have a built-in compass as well as an altimeter option so you can gauge any elevation gains or losses. With the Summit, you can save as many as 500 waypoints and 20 reversible routes. Additionally, this unit is waterproof and since it does not provide mapping of streets, it is quick but not good for car travel. The average price is $250.

  • Magellan GPS 315 This too is a non-mapping GPS unit but experts love it because it is simple and perfect for people who love the outdoors or enjoy hiking. Although this model is very similar to the Garmin 12, which is also a good model, with the Magellan model, you will get more features for the money. For instance, you will receive a database of worldwide cities, more powerful computer interface when you upload information, and a unique sun/moon orientation feature. At an average price of $150, this is a real bargain.

  • Garmin eMap Deluxe This hand-held unit does offer mapping and many people will say this is the best GPS you can buy when it comes to urban use. You will find numerous features that include mapping for major highways, Metro Guide software that can be downloaded to your computer, and a compact size with light. The one disadvantage is that is has limited memory. For example, if you want to capture a lake, depending on the size, it could easily absorb all of the memory on the cartridge. This GPS is not waterproof so it would not be the best choice for marine or hiking use. On average, you would pay $300 for the GPS and with the Metro Guide Software, about $350.

  • TravRoute CoPilot Although the size of this GPS is larger than the typical hand-held option, it does feature good mapping software, which is intended for computer and GPS receiver use. The maps are extremely accurate, the screen is large, and the directions spoken, which makes this a very popular choice. On average, you would expect to pay $375.
Delorme Earthmate GPS Receiver and Street Atlas USA v8.0 This GPS is similar to the CoPilot except you will also receive a receiver as well as the required software for your computer. The voice commands and the map accuracy are both good. This is a reasonably priced GPS unit at around $200.

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact