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Laptop GPS
You might have heard the term “Laptop GPS” but wondered exactly what it is. Simply put, this means using a GPS receiver utilizing your laptop computer’s USB port. For instance, TripNav TN-200 is one of the leading laptop GPS systems that does, just that. Using a WASS-enabled GPS positioning that connected to your laptop’s USB port, you have the option of obtaining travel positions in real time and downloading them to your computer simply by using street mapping software.

TripNav is totally NMEA-compliant and has the powerful SiRF IIe low-power chipset imbedded into its internal design requires up to 75% less power to operate than comparable technologies with quick cold-start times of only 45 seconds while enhanced technology also provides improved tracking in weak signal areas.

The TripNav is a 12-channel GPS receiver which includes a built-in LED that indicates satellite acquisition status: Flashing RED indicates searching for satellites, while solid RED indicates satellites are in view and data is being received.

The TripNav GPS Receiver is designed to plug into most any laptop PC's USB port without the need of an additional source for power! Forget dealing with extra batteries, keyboard pass-through cables or 12VDC cigarette lighter adapters, because power and data are both transmitted through a single cable connected to the USB port! The 60" cable with a suction cup clip and the water-resistant housing with a built-in magnet allows flexibility for in-vehicle or external placement.

TripNav TN-200 includes a driver to convert the USB port into a virtual COM port so it can work with these and most any other NMEA compliant mapping software on the market today:
    Also works with:

  • Rand McNally StreetFinder®
  • Microsoft Streets & Trips® (2002 and above)
  • DeLorme Street Atlas® (8.0 and above)
  • Fugawi® Mapping Software
  • Mac Street software: http://truenav.com/
  • Mac Marine software: http://gpsnavx.osxdownloads.com/html/index.htm.
  • Map software comparison chart: http://rayming.com/products/Mapchart.htm


  • "SiRF Star-II high performance and low power consumption chipset
  • WAAS enabled engine board for greater accuracy
  • All-in-view 12-channel parallel processing
  • Built-in active antenna
  • High sensitivity to satellite signal
  • Cold start under 45 seconds, average
  • Superior urban canyon performance
  • FoliageLock for weak signal tracking
  • Build-in SuperCap to reserve system data for rapid satellite acquisition
  • Supported NMEA 0183 command: GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, GLL, VTG
  • Super-cohesive magnetic for mounting on the car
  • Non-slip on the bottom
  • USB interface connection port
  • LED indicator for GPS fix:
    • LED OFF: GPS receiver is off
    • LED FLASHING: No fix, searching for GPS signal
    • LED ON: Position fixed, GPS receiving signal Interface - USB

    Laptop Hardware & Software Bundle

  • CoPilot Live Laptop 7 - US Streets...by Travroute ...$359.
  • CoPilot Live | Laptop 7
  • USB & Serial GPS Options Available
  • Turn your laptop, notebook or Tablet PC into a powerful GPS navigation system

    Experience the CoPilot Difference

  • Using dynamic route guidance and two-way voice technology, CoPilot gets you precisely where you need to be with directions to any address nationwide
  • NEW! Safe and Easy Interface includes optimized menu items, customizable display, zoom modes, a new color scheme, and cleaner map displays
  • NEW! Live Communication* between vehicle and home or office, with two-way messaging, vehicle location and itinerary updates
  • NEW! Updated US Map Databse now includes over 7 million miles of roads, 100 million addresses, and 3 million points of interest. In addition, you'll find 31,000 new and updated exit numbers throughout the US
  • NEW! Street-Level Maps of Canada and Europe (optional). Quickly activate additional map data for complete, coast-to-coast, street-level coverage (including rural regions)
  • NEW! Text-to-Speech and Voice Recognition Engine uses the latest in voice technology to speak detailed turn instructions and respond to your voice commands
  • NEW! Avoid / Favor Roads lets you customize CoPilot's routing to take you the way you want to go
  • NEW! Approaching POI Notification can notify you as you approach Points-of-Interest along your route
  • NEW! 3rd Pary GPS Support lets you use CoPilot with any NMEA standard GPS receiver
  • NEW! Draggable Maps let you move the map display by clicking and dragging your mouse
  • NEW! Customizable POI Feature allows you to add POIs to existing POI categories or create new categories of your own. you move the map display by clicking and dragging your mouse
  • And our CORE TECHNOLOGY is still the best on the market:
    • Dynamic Route Guidance.
    • Provides spoken, turn-by-turn directions to any address nationwide.
    • Automatic Route Recalculation.
    • Made a wrong turn? No problem, CoPilot gives you a new route within seconds.
    • Two-Way Voice Technology.
    • CoPilot gives detailed spoken instructions and responds to your voice commands.
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  • CoPilot Laptop 7 -- $359
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