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Magellan GPS
When it comes to GPS, Magellan is the top company for consumer products, with the best being the Thales Navigation. This company is the top leader in the world when it comes to developing and manufacturing GPS (Global Positioning System), guidance, and navigation equipment, providing services in the United States and Europe.

Magellan Systems was first founded in 1986, getting its start as an independent consumer GPS company. At that time, they were ahead of the game by already having several innovations and pioneering status in the GPS industry. By 1997, Magellanís portfolio had grown when they acquired Ashtech, another leader in the category of GPS. Together, the two formed the Magellan Corporation, taking the leading role in GPS for personal consumer and professional markets.

By 2001, Thales was a leading electronics company with powerful visibility in market niches such as information technology, aerospace, and defense. This same year, Magellan Corporation acquired Thales, merging it with the subsidiary, Thales Navigation, S.A. This company was then combined with MLR Electronique and DSNP, which were strong leaders in Europe for GPS. This acquisition created the consumer line of GPS solutions, falling under the Magellan brand for the global professional GPS line and Thales Navigation.

Without a doubt, GPS is the most amazing technology in history. Productivity and accuracy have been enhanced in hundreds of industries, and even people who enjoy sports and recreational activities have enjoyed huge jumps in pleasure and safety.

The way this works is that the Global Navigation Satellite System, GNSS, is an entire network of satellites, transmitting radio signals at high frequency. These signals contain data for both distance and time, which are picked up by a GPS receiver. When this happens, the user is able to pinpoint to extreme accuracy their location anywhere in the world.

Magallen Corporation has now been providing high quality products for almost 20 years. The durability, reliability, and accuracy of the GPS that is produced by Magallen are what have proven to consumers throughout the years that these systems are indeed only the finest quality. In 2000, the products made by Magallen became a part of the Thales Navigation catalog, widening the selection of commercial and technological solutions.

You are always guaranteed that the professionals at Magellan will stand by what they sell and provide you with superior customer support when you need it.

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact