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For years, people have been using their PDA to get through life. A PDA is a wonderful tool that is not only beneficial for homemakers but also top executives. If you have never owned a PDA, you would be amazed at how much time and effort this little device can save. A PDA is a multifaceted tool that can keep track of schedules, phone numbers and addresses, stock prices, and birthdays. A PDA can help keep you on track during meetings as a tool for saving notes or “to do” action items. A PDA will help you stay organized, which ultimately saves you money and a huge headache.

Now, you can buy a PDA with GPS, taking the PDA to an entirely new level. For instance, the PocketPC and WinCE products are two on the market today that are used for navigation. When you start researching the right option for you, you might also hear the PocketPC referred to as “PPC”.

You can actually purchase special features such as an adapter for your car’s cigarette lighter that works perfect with the Fortuna BT GPSmart. For about $25, you will receive a USB cable and the actual cigarette lighter adapter. Another option is the RS232 serial cable that is used to connect the Fortuna BT GPSmart to your computer or PDA, by simply using a serial connection. This accessory runs about $25.

By using the various accessories, you can take your PDA with you wherever you go just as you normally would but in this case, you can now enjoy the benefits of the GPS. Just imagine sitting in a meeting where something is going on that you have nothing to do with and you need to schedule a flight to another meeting for the following day. By using your PDA, you can set the time aside and then check out flight plans for your trip.

Another benefit is if you happen to be in another city for a business trip and you find yourself lost. Instead of feeling panicked, you can use your GPS to find your way to your destination quickly and with ease. The same would be true if you and your family were in a new city on vacation. It is very easy to lose your way in many places and instead of losing time, trying to find the way back to the hotel, simply turn on the GPS and you would be set.

The options for PDA GPS systems are great in that people are finding the benefits and therefore, manufacturers are creating new options for additional features and portability. With this new option, you do not have to stress about carrying some larger piece of equipment with you since you can use something small but very effective and accurate.

Home Product Reviews Buyer Guides Price Comparison overView History GPS Network Contact