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Magellan GPS Companion for Handspring Visor
  • Garmin
  • The GPS Companion for Handspring Advisor represents Magellan Corporation's first forray into that handheld ad on market. The GPS companion is competitively priced and can enhance the power of your Handspring Visor be adding navigation and street level mapping capability. The add-on doesn't add too much weight. The GPS Companion weighs 3.7 ounces and has dimensions of 1.13 by 2.06 by 4.75 inches. These dimensions give the GPS companion an added battery life. The package includes the GPS module composed of a 12 channel receiver, A CD-ROM containing MAP Companion and NAV Companion software, along with two AAA batteries. The GPS companion fits nicely into Handspring Visor's expansion slot and initializes rapidly.

    The maps available through the companion make full use of Visor's color display. Colorful icons and rich graphics make it quick and easy to locate points of interest on the map. The MAP Companion, GPS mode, and the NAV Companion give you the ability to:
    • Search for destinations
    • Enable scrolling and positioning
    • Switch between Map and GPS mode
    • View current logitude and latitude information
    • View altitude
    • Display bearing
    • Display speed of travel
    • Display the satelites that you are locked on to
    • Create waypoints
    • Create routes
    • Beam these into palms or other handhelds
    • Create logs to show distance, speed and bearing
    • Convert the logs to a route
    With all of these features, the Magellan GPS Companion for the Handsrping Visor is one of the better GPS add-ons for a Palm OS device. The only drawback to the GPS Companion is that it doesn't give you the ability to locate street addresses. Also, It took about 10 minutes to lock onto a satelite during the first use. Subsequent locks were easier. All in all, though, the Handspring advisor companion is a good value.
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